Jacob Richards is a Los Angeles-based drummer, composer, educator, and creative coder who specializes in building new systems for performance that prioritize improvisation. He leverages technologies such as virtual reality, trigger electronics, and live coding to explore computationally mediated improvisation. 

Jacob's solo drums and electronics project BATTERY premiered at the CalArts Digital Arts Expo in 2016, and he continues to maintain an extensive performance and touring schedule with the project. He was interviewed in January 2017 by Bandcamp for his work as BATTERY. He recently published a 360 VR music video app on the iOS and Android mobile platforms for songwriter Craig Wedren, titled Adult Desire 360. His virtual reality experience "When Ball Pit Is Life", which involves interactively improvising with microtonal spheres (á la Harry Partch's diamond marimba) in a physics-based environment, won the Ableton Prize at the 2017 CalArts Digital Arts Expo. Jacob’s drumming is also featured on NBC’s hit series New Amsterdam (clip here), as well as David Binney’s 2018 album, Here & Now.

Jacob has performed with Steve Lehman, Drew Gress, David Binney, Tia Fuller, Myra Melford, Vinny Golia, and many more, and has toured extensively in the US and abroad. He holds an MFA from California Institute of the Arts in Jazz Studies, where he studied with Joe LaBarbera. He also studied at New England Conservatory with Billy Hart and Bob Moses. Previously, he earned a BA in Applied Mathematics and Music from the University of California, Berkeley, where he studied composition with Myra Melford.